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挪威BI商学院Ralf Muller教授学术报告

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报告主题:Advanced Q&A Seminar on Case Study

报告人:Ralf Muller

时间及地点:2018712日上午9:00-11:00 管经新大楼D209


个人简介:RalfMüller is Professor of Project Management and former Associate Dean at BI Norwegian Business School, as well as adjunct and visiting professor at many other institutions worldwide. He lectures and researches in leadership, governance, organizational project management, and research methods. These are also the subjects of his more than 200 academic publications. He is also Senior Editor for the Project Management Journal. Among the awards he received are the 2016 PMI Fellow of the Institute Award, the 2015 PMI Research Achievement Award (a life-time achievement award), the 2012 IPMA Research Award, and the 2009 Project Management Journal Best Paper of the Year Award. Before joining academia, he spent 30 years in the industry consulting with large enterprises and governments in more than 50 different countries for their project management and governance. He also held related line management positions, such as the Worldwide Director of Project Management at NCR Corporation.

报告主题:examination of a subject of study (the case), as well as its related contextual conditions. Case study is not incomprehensible in terms of research method, but it receives relatively low publication rates than quantitative analysis. However, a larger percentage of world leading articles are exploratory in nature, and especially in form of case study. Although many basics of case study are known to all researches, but there are still many techniques that need further drill and explanation. The renowned professor in PM area, Prof. Ralf Müller will talk to you face to face not by lecturing with structured content, but innovatively doing an Q&A session on how to do case study, especially in face of publications. Please be prepared with examples, questions and enthusiasm. All questions are welcome.

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